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Kate and Andy Meredith

Kate and Andy Meredith began Box Clever in 2004 with the seed of an idea … everyone has a favourite photo, what can be done to present it in the best possible way?

Andy has years of experience in photo retouching and printing, and we liked the idea of putting his expert eye to each photo, then printing on contemporary products. We couldn’t find any other companies who didn’t just ‘hit print’ … we wanted to liaise with our customers to create photo-art they would love for a lifetime. Some photos are perfect but others need a bit of red-eye reduction or perhaps a tidier background; or maybe a commissioned special effect, we would go way beyond ‘photo processing’.

Our first photo product was canvas pictures and from the outset we worked to exacting art gallery standards but at realistic, affordable prices. Since then we’ve built up a varied customer base from professional digital photographers and artists across the UK, to absolutely anyone who owns a camera.

The canvas side of the business continues to grow, and we’ve recently changed our name (you may know us as Box Clever Canvas) to reflect our growing business, all created and produced at our studios in Kent.

To find out more about how we could transform your photos contact us on 01797 367340 or sales@boxclevercanvas.co.uk


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Box Clever Creative, Unit 14 Merritt Road, Greatstone, Kent. TN28 8SZ.
01797 367340